Vehicle rental terms and conditions

Rental costs

Vehicle theft or damage

What if the vehicle is stolen or damaged? +

In the event of damage to the vehicle, the customer is required to complete the Envio Rental Car police report and provide us with all the necessary information so that the damage can be repaired.

Can I make a quick repair to avoid additional charges when returning it, if the vehicle is damaged? +

No – the agreement with Envio Rental Car regulates the rights and obligations of each party in detail. In the event of any damage, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify us of the situation as soon as possible.

Conditions of returning the vehicle

Can I leave the vehicle at any place? +

The vehicle must be delivered to the place indicated in the rental agreement. As a rule, the vehicle must be left at the premises of Envio Rental Car, unless the parties agreed otherwise when concluding the agreement.

Will I receive a written confirmation of receipt after returning the vehicle? +

Yes. Each time we collect a car from the customer we draw up a return report for approval by both parties.

Does ERC charge additional fees for using the car? +

If the car has been used in accordance with Envio Rental Car’s terms and conditions, we do not charge additional usage fees. Please remember to return the car according to its condition at the time of collection. The vehicle must be clean and fully fuelled.

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